19 Jun 2019

With climate change and environmental hazards becoming more frequent across the globe, our future and those of our families are at stake. Htay Paing Gems believes that now more than ever, the environment must be taken care of and companies must do all they can to resolve this situation. For this reason, we have undertaken many sustainability initiatives and sought out new methods of reducing waste and replacing our natural capital.

To reduce our waste, we have taken all the residual mining residue and converted it into a healthy and sustainable material that is used for construction in the nearby villages. This mining residue is either delivered to the homes of the builders or placed in a communal storage area, so as to allow for accessibility for the residents, should they require it at any time. This method of waste reduction is currently under intensive study as other firms have decided to progress along our path to sustainability.

In an effort to ensure that our work does not damage the environment, we have also constructed a basic water treatment plant to purify the water that is used in the cleaning of our stones. This water slowly developed into a small lake that is now clean enough to even sustain life such as fish and algae. This water is accessible to all but is still managed to ensure that the delicate natural balance in that area is not affected.

Lastly, Htay Paing Gems has begun reforestation in the surrounding area, as this not only provides stability to the soil in the area, ensuring our water supplies remain clean, but is also a step in the replacement of natural capital for our planet. 

We at Htay Paing Gems stand by the notion that without nature, there are no people and therefore, it is our utmost desire and duty that companies across the globe take actions to reduce our waste and lead our world to sustainability.

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19 Jun 2019

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