Our People

26 Mar 2019

At Htay Paing Gems, we believe that people are the pillar of the business. We have always strived to ensure that our workers will never have to worry about a thing, both within or outside of the workplace. Starting in the mining area in Mogok, we have built the infrastructure and services that we need not just for the workers but their families too. For us, quality doesnt just look at the final product, but for the people who have worked so hard to make it.

In the past, there was no regulation to protect our workers, and as a result, some companies may have treated their workers in an unacceptable manner. As a result, sanctions were placed on the entire mining industry within Myanmar. However, Htay Paing Gems have perpetuated an ethical environment for our workers throughout our history. Tunnels are now properly designed so as to minimize the possibility of landslides and cave-ins. Safety equipment is now provided to all workers to ensure that there is a safe working environment for our miners. It was a historic day when the Myanmar Labour Laws were implemented, as we can be sure that everybody across the country is taken care of to the standard that we have kept.

With our miners working so hard everyday, we want to ensure that their families will want for nothing. To that end, we have built schools and libraries for the children in the nearby villages, because the children are their future and we hope that we can give them the choice to pursue their dreams. Scholarships are available for any bright child with the aspirations and determination to achieve their goals. We have also provided electricity to the area by constructing a power plant for the village, as it was previously too far from the city to access its power grid, so that they have the opportunity to apply themself in whatever field they choose. To not neglect the people outside our industry, we have taken steps towards transparency, by instituting proper accounting so as to ensure that the taxes paid are a fair and astute contribution back to our society.

Htay Paing Gems has always placed the people at the core of our beliefs and endeavours to secure any and all facilities that we would want for our own family. This is but the start of our journey and we hope that our people will walk with us all the way through.




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